Letters of the artist

About her working method :

«[…] I even suceeded in drawing potraits of these little devils unable to keep quiet for only a couple of seconds. I ask their mum to amuse them and thus achieve a synthesis of all their various animated expressions.
As for my adult subjects, I also make them talk in order to keep them entertained, and to get to better know their personalities. In addition to improved artistic outcome, this method provides me some kind of psychologic analyses, which have always been my passion, second after painting human subjects.»

Letter to London friends (G. & A.A.), June 29th, 1943

Following reception of a parcel containing material (pastels, oil, paper) needed for her artistic work :

«[…] All 3 parcels arrived in the best conditions. This day, I didn’t go to sleep before 01 a.m, arranging the pastels most appropriately for my work. It was indeed to me such an exhilarating feeling !
These new shades of pastels and of papers open the way to many new posibilities. That is one of the rewards of the profession …»

Letter to London friends (G. & A.A.) July, 1946

Letter to a patron after an exhibition in Léopoldville/Kinshasa

«[…] If I am not really discouraged after all, it is because no visitor left my exhibition unsatisfied or unimpressed . On the contrary, I received a lot of strong support from connoisseurs, including colleague artists such as G.Marques , who came 3 times and even bought one of my pictures , Albert Flahau, a very good painter of Basque origin, who wrote a critique of my exhibition and asked me to draw his portrait. I even tad the visit of sculptor Dupagne (author of the monument for the 50th anniversary of the Rail)* who told me it was for him a real privilege to have seen my work which he commented at length.
Of all invited authorities, only minister Van Cauwelaert came spontaneously and warmly congratulated me. There were also old missionaries who were struck by the compelling nature of my subjects. Their opinions is to me most valuable, as they have a deep knowledge of the African mind.»


(*) A monument commemorating the construction of the Matadi-Léopoldville /Kinshasa railway completed in 1898.